Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
it's gonna be a beautiful 2007 with more updates.
I'm on my own again and going solo.. so with the new year and a new album coming up,
I'd like to get your views and hear what you have to say... so don't be afraid to speak up ok!! :)
Ok... hmmm right now I don't really know what my artist name should be...
so how do most of you know me by? tag, e-mail me or leave a comment.
spread the word, and the love!!!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hi guys! Sorry this has taken forever,
thanks to all who came down for west grand's accoustic sets,
I really loved doing them... a little more my style. haha
anyway, as promised here are the lyrics for clarity :)

Most of our time is spent apart,
most of the year we're far.
Intense is the word that comes to mind,
whenever we're back together.
When I saw you from across the yard,
one look and you took my heart.
It's content being in it's place,
and it feels it's teathered.

And I don't know how you feel about that.
If you're sad if you're mad if you're glad.
But I do know the feeling of waiting and waiting and falling so slowly,
breaking your heart is like breaking a glass,
I get cut by the shards,
I get cut by the past so...

I don't know I don't know I don't know
but it's killing me.
I don't know I don't know I don't know,
but it's killing me.

Short n sweet.
Love ya'll!!

-li'l dee

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hi everyone!
Sorry it's been so long :)
Guess what?
I'll be performing on the 24th of October at the Indoor Stadium at the "Hype Up!" Concert!
I can't tell you exactly what songs i'm gonna do cuz it'll spoil the surprise,
but i can tell you that i'm probably gonna sing a song from shooting starts (-.- that was a bit of a give-a-way)
I'll try to put up clarity lyrics soon!
take care ya'll!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hi all!
It's been awhile huh? I've written a few posts on west grand's pure volume site. :)
How've you all been? life's been pretty crazy for me right now with school which just (kinda) ended, Singapore Idol On Demand, West Grand Boulevard n dance. But I thank you all so much for your tags and hits. I'm still in this for all of you.
Okay! For those of you whom don't already know,
West Grand Boulevard's first album 'Waiting For You' Soft launched at the esplanade some weeks back and we've sold quite a few. The CD should be hitting the stores come september but if you don't think you can wait till then e-mail me at and i'll see what i can do *wink*
hahaha as for the tag regarding janson... we're just good friends.
He's fun to hang out with. I'm single. very single. haha. offers? anyone?
hahaha it's almost 2 in the morning. i'm loosin it.
hahaha goodnight all.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hi all!
i'm rushing a project right now.
But dropped by the blog n couldn't resist writing lyrics.
Thanks again for keeing this blog alive!!
Anyway, here's I'm Sorry :)

I'm Sorry

Empty frames, pictures torn apart.
No goodnight kisses anymore.
And goodbye sweetie,
now I have to go,
remember me.

There is a better place,
that awaits me, I'll see you there.
You've got the whole world,
ahead of you.

Ahead of you.

I'm sorry,
I didn't say goodbye.
I'm sorry that, I made you cry.
And I'd make it up to you,
If I had the, if I had the chance to.

And what are we supposed to do,
when everything goes wrong?
Is it possible to change our, destiny?
N what are we supposed to do,
when everything right goes wrong?
It's impossible, to change our, destiny.

To change our destiny.

There is a better place,
that awaits me.
I'll see you there.
You've got the whole world,
Ahead of you.
Ahead of you...

Na, na nana na na na na na na.
Na, na nana na na na...

:) enjoy!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I've been so quiet in this blog for such a long time. Thanks for continually coming and updating the chatter box. :)
The music is back!
West Grand Boulevard will be playing at YOUTH GONE WILD!
held at Whitley Secondary School from 6-11pm.
Playing along side amazing bands like Ronin, 3-dash-1, velvet revolver, hypothermia
as well as the awesome band typewriter, make sure you don't miss out on this
chance to let lose and rock out to some fantastic localised tunes.
Tickets are charged at $10. Each ticket admits only one.
Should you want some, please e-mail me at,
or mail west grand at and we'll be sure to get back to you.
Limited tickets left!!!!


-li'l dee

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hi everyone,
thanks for coming to visit the west grand boulevard website,
please continue to support the band and listen to the music :)
anyhoo, someone taged for 'paper' lyrics so here goes...

Reflections on the water,
I share with you on my blank paper.
Calll out your name as if I don't know you,
or I've had you replaced.

Were you real, and were you here?
What is this feeling that i fear?
Open up and make things clear,
did you love me?

Screaming aloud won't help but it makes me feel better,
nothing compares to this.
Why are we still here shouldn't we have moved,
and still we stay,
I cannot be with you,
let me go.

The scars upon your head,
pierce through my soul yet I can't love you.
The way that you love me,
why can't you see that like this,
we won't last.

Trust me we will be just fine,
let go of this feeling you feign inside.
I know in just a matter of time,
we'll be fine.


Were you real and were you here?
What is this feeling that I fear?

*Chorus (repeat)

Hope you're all doin well...
God bless

-Daphne (li'l dee)